IRS Shutdown is Over! File Your Nearest Tax Dues On Time

The Internal Revenue Service has called off its 16 days shutdown and begun to function as usual. Read further to know more about the IRS update. Individuals worried about their refunds can get them on time with the IRS functioning normally. Additionally, tax preparers and filers can report their taxes both online and offline but, choosing to file electronically can make the process faster and the tax return would be processed automatically. Besides, the live telephone customer support offered by the IRS would be available for customer assistance to help individuals get their queries answered[...]

Women in business, includes women in trucks!

In the wake of “Lean In” and other recent books touting the need for more women in leadership roles, I wondered how some of their revelations could be applied to women in the trucking industry. Instead of focusing on the executive suite, how do some of these findings affect the rare (5 percent in the U.S. and 3 percent in Canada) woman who has chosen a career as a professional driver? First, research has revealed that men will apply for a position (and assume they can meet the criteria) when they have sixty percent of the qualifications listed for the job. For women, the number is one hundred[...]

Semi trucks and Their Existence

Welcome back truckers. Hope the hauling is running on safe grounds. Today we’re up with some history facts about semi trucks, taking a turn from information about them. The invention was no less than victory for the nation and till date, it has been appreciated for their existence and also the inventor. Alexander Winton, the creator of semi trucks in the year 1898. This Scottish man started his career by manufacturing bicycles in Cleveland and moved into the construction of “Horseless carriages” in 1896. Right after two years, he sold his first self manufactured car and one year later, his[...]

Speed Traps- Keeps You Alert and Aware From Over-Speeding

A speed trap is one section of a highway or the road running along, where traffic laws are heavily enforced. Speed traps are placed or located in such areas where the motorist or trucker tends to speed up his accelerator, for example on a straightaway highway or downhill incline. Due to various reasons, law enforcement decided to cover areas, which are accident prone with speed traps. Speed traps are basically designed to catch hold of people, who’re violating the driving limit, especially in areas where the pace limit is consistently violated. Speed detection can be executed via few common[...]

End the Myth List; Unveil The Truth!

You must have come across the saying,” If you’ve got it, a truck brought it” is almost cent percent true. Myths are many about truckers but they are nowhere near truth. It’s time to deflate, pass and worn out falsehoods. These trucks, running on the highway, driven by professionals in order to serve the nation, deliver goods on time and safely. Let be day or night, hauling ever halts. Keep reading to know the myths exist in trucking and also the reasons provided. Myth 1: Truckers are Dangerous and Are the Main Reason for Most of the Accidents Actually, truckers focus on safety first. Trucks[...]

End Night Crashes With Reflective Tapes

In early 90′s, National Highway Safety Administration regulating the Department of Transportation (DOT) was up with a new federal law dealing with reflective tapes on trailers, trucks and semi’s. If the truck weigh’s more than 10,000 pounds and which are 80 inch wide falls under the category and should maintain reflective tapes all over the truck to avoid night crashes. Due to the poor visibility and weather, the numbers gradually increases. Additionally, it also specifically mentioned about the positioning requirements as they do play a role. Approved Tapes by DOT: Right after the law was[...]

Next week: Free Webinar exclusive to WIT members

Women In Trucking Association is offering its members a FREE webinar event called Taking Your Business to the Next Level . Join industry leader and executive coach with TranStrategy Partners, Joel McGinley, as he presents strategies and tactics for creating a world class business no matter what size company you are. Developing a world class business is not just for the large business; any business that chooses can be a world class business. Joel will walk you through strategies and tactics that help you understand: How to manage your people to achieve consistent high performance all the time[...]

Additional Time For Truckers to file IRS Form 2290

There are more than 6.8 million truckers in America, serving the nation with all dedication. Every truck running on the highway with the gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more are required to file their return online or paper file it. For this year tax season, the countdown has begun. However, this year, the due date has been extended by IRS. Do you know why? Keep reading, we will tell you why! Usually, the form 2290 filing season falls in by July-1 to August-31 of the filing year. However, this year the due date i.e. August 31st falls on a weekend and 2 nd of September is Labor Day, September[...]

Truck Tires Vs. Semi Trailer Tires

Trucking industry is no less than an adventurous trip for truckers. If you enjoy exploring the hidden roads of America, then this is the profession for you. Trucks, trailers or rigs run the world on wheels. Some move on 18 wheels and some can extend till 28 or 30 wheels, as per the requirement and situation. These rubber donuts form a critical link, not more than those of the front steering axle. It’s not that the steer axle does not something unusual, which others don’t (steer the truck). They are only set on board without a redundant tire to compensate for a blowout. Today we would be[...]

Women truckers, The Empower Behind The Wheels.

In the present scenario, there are around 8 millions licensed CDL drivers in United States and among them; 4.5 millions are active truck drivers. Professional truck driving or on-the-road trucking has always noted as a field dominated by men, a cross board for women. The rough and tough trucking life is assumed to be handled well by men, real men… Well, times are changing! Women are equally strong enough like men to handle the roughness of trucking and they do a great job indeed. It was since 1929, when women actually stepped in trucking and changed the trend, mindsets of people. Lillie[...]