Transferring Your Schedule 1 Copy, from one Truck to another

Do you need to transfer your Schedule 1 copy from one truck to another? If you Changed vehicles or purchased a new one in December of 2015, then the Vehicle first used in December have a 2290 filing deadline of January 31st! Even though there is still plenty of time to file your 2290. It only takes about 10 minutes to E-file a Form 2290. So if you’ve recently switched vehicles, it’s time to get in gear and get yourself E-filed before the deadline. 1.., 2.., 3.., 1. E-file a new Form 2290 2. Claim a Credit on Vehicle that was Transferred 3. Receive your new Stamped Schedule 1 via email[...]

Merry Christmas from us to You

Truckers welcome to the special edition of our blog, coming to you from all of us here at Think Trade Inc. It’s a very special time of the year, but for truck drivers the chance being home with family and friends, remains as a dream year after year. For many other truck drivers, it’s another day of progress. We don’t know where you’ll be today, with your family or on the road working hard for us, but we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2015 has been a very special year for Think Trade Inc . We had the privilege of serving maximum number of Truckers and Trucking[...]

E-Filing HVUT Tax Form 2290 – What to Expect From Your Efile Service Provider

Expectation is one thing that no one can live without. It is popularly said that Expectations lead to disappointment, Human brain is ready to accept it but every heart that beats always lives with expectations of some sort. “An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” So Genuine expectations are good for a healthy lifestyle and its betterment. A very common word in trucking Industry especially during the months of July & August is HVUT Tax Form 2290. This is one of the taxes imposed on truckers by the IRS. Any vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 lbs or[...]

FMCSA’s Final Rule To Mandate Electronic Logging Devices

On December 10, 2015, FMCSA announced its final rule requiring the adoption and use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) by all drivers currently required to complete paper records of duty status (logs). In the July 2012 highway reauthorization law known as MAP-21, Congress required that FMCSA mandate the use of ELDs. The following is a summary of the final rule’s main points. Device Adoption Deadline Date: The rule requires fleets and drivers required to complete paper logs to adopt and use compliant ELDs by December 2017, unless they are currently using automatic on-board recording devices[...]

New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re goal is to drop a few pounds in the coming year, you’re not alone. The top New Year’s resolution last December was to lose weight. The second most common resolution was to “get organized,” followed by spending less or saving more. The fourth top New Year’s resolution was to “enjoy life to the fullest,” and the fifth most common goal was to stay fit and healthy. More than half of us make a promise to change something as the calendar turns from one year to the next. How many of us actually succeed? The odds are good that you keep your promise through the first week in January, but[...]

Happy Thanksgiving from ThinkTrade Inc.,

It’s Thanksgiving, The day when we all get together and appreciate everything we posses… In front of huge turkey with cranberry sauce and a lavish dinner. What are the repeated words we get to hear on a Thanksgiving table? “I’m thankful for my wife.” “I’m thankful for my children.” “I’m thankful for my parents.” Undoubtedly those are wonderful things one should to be thankful for. But when the general public is thinking of everything they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving, they usually miss out on the community that made their holiday feast possible. The truckers, who sacrifice their time with[...]

ThinkTrade Inc Pioneers in E-filing Excise taxes

Managing your business along with filing your tax returns on time is on hell of a Task. ThinkTrade Inc , A BBB accredited E-file service provider comes to your aid by helping you e-file your Excise Taxes Online. Trusted by millions of tax payers across the nation, ThinkTrade Inc has made E-filing tax returns simple and hassle-free. However, to understand the advantages of choosing ThinkTrade as your E-file service provider, it is mandatory that you understand the advantages of electronic filing over paper filing. E-Filing Saves Time Time and tide waits for none. So true Inventions and[...]

Mentoring as a valuable retention approach

Remember back to your first day on the job? You had so many questions, but you weren’t always sure who to ask. Whether it was learning where to store your lunch or coat, or finding your way around the office, you needed someone to steer you in the right direction. Finding someone who will guide you around the office or in the industry will provide you with a resource when questions arise. A mentor is a person who will lead you and support you as you become familiar with the organization and your new role. Most successful people attribute at least some of their accomplishments to their mentor’[...]

The first Women In Trucking Accelerate! Conference and Expo was a huge success.

Question: What does a Mars engineer, a dating doctor, a satellite radio host, a NASCAR driver and a safety administrator have in common? They were all speakers at the recent Women In Trucking Association’s Accelerate! Conference and Expo. The 350 attendees learned about self defense and self esteem, how success depends on relationship building, being a female racer in a male dominated environment and much more. Although the topics were diverse, they were all focused on creating a positive environment for women employed in the transportation industry. The conference wasn’t for women only, as[...]

New Zealand Trucking Industry Shares Global Challenges in Recruiting Drivers

The headline reads, “Transport firms hit by driver shortage.” This article could be from almost any country, since drivers are currently in demand around the globe. However, this particular column was from a New Zealand magazine, which quoted one carrier executive as saying, “It’s just really hard to get quality drivers … we can’t even get any non-quality drivers.” There are numerous differences between the United States and New Zealand other than the size of the countries. They drive on the opposite side of the road, live in the southern hemisphere, and celebrate Christmas in the summer. One[...]