Last Date To File Form 2290 Online Is 31st August 2015

Here comes the tax due date again. Truckers, owner operators and tax filers get ready to file your tax return form 2290 before August 31 st 2015 to avoid penalties and interest following you till you file. Every heavy vehicle tax filer should file their tax return by Monday, August 31 st , 2015. The deadline generally applies to Form 2290 and the accompanying tax payment for the tax year that begins July 1, 2015, and ends June 30, 2016. Returns must be filed and tax payments made by Aug. 31 for vehicles used on the road during July and vehicles that need form 2290 (schedule 1) renewals. For[...]

Errors You Can Overcome This Tax Season With Tax2290.Com

With the regular filing season running on full swing, here are some of the common errors we need to address for success filing. Time and time again filers tend to make the same mistakes when it comes to filing their heavy vehicle use taxes. So let’s go over them so they’re fresh in your mind when you e-file this tax season 2015-16! 1. Incorrect EIN or VIN: Your EIN is your Employer Identification Number, your VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number, and both are equally important. In order to file your HVUT, you will need to know both, and both will need to be correct. So check, double[...]

Tax Support By Our Experts Even During The Weekends

So truckers, how are you keeping these days. How is the tax filing season coming up from your end? Have you filed your tax return yet or still waiting for a miracle? Well, we cannot assure you about miracles, but if you don’t file your tax return by the end of August 2015, you may land up with late filing penalties. And if you want to avoid all of it, then come over and efile form 2290 online with utmost ease and receive your schedule 1 copy in minutes. And weekend is the only days you file yourself free from your rigs and commitment, don’t worry. This season we have our customer support[...]

WIT August Member of the Month – Shelly Hoffman

Plover, WI (August 3)—Women In Trucking Association has announced Shelly Hoffman, professional truck driver, as its August Member of the Month. Shelly cannot imagine doing anything else. When she originally proposed the idea of teaming to her husband, she had just been playfully kidding! But there had been no laughter once the laptop was open and they had begun to look into it. At that point, their professional careers ultimately had led them to disappointment, and now, three years later, their CDLs have been more rewarding than their academic degrees combined. Prior to driving professionally[...]

How you can find success before breakfast!

Author Laura Vanderkam has written numerous books about the traits of successful people. She claims the “key to making myself happy is NOT to be a perfectionist.” In fact, she has researched the traits of successful women and how much time they devote to their careers. The author was surprised to discover that women who work an average of 35 hours per week earn about $37,000 per year. However, the women in her study who earned in excess of six figures annually averaged 44 hours per week. That’s only a nine-hour per week difference for an almost threefold increase in salary. She tracked these[...]

Agricultural Vehicle- Is There Provision To File My Vehicle As One?

It really doesn’t matter, how many times we file form 2290 but we still have questions related to the form. And there is one such question asked by our taxpayers frequently. And the question is: Can I File My Vehicle As An Agricultural Vehicle? Yes, you can file your vehicle under agricultural vehicles only if your vehicle is used for the same. and that is the same reason why you need to categorize your vehicles while efiling form 2290 HVUT online through , a prime product of ThinkTrade Inc. Of course, after taxable vehicles, there is another special requirement vehicle and that[...]

Efiling 2015-16 Queries Addressed for Our Loyal Customers

Since the tax season 2015-16 has already dropped into our calendars, we see, many customers are coming online and trying a hand in filing form 2290, however, some of them are stuck with the unwiring questions surrounded. So here comes few set of questions to let you going till the weekend. What Is Form 2290 And It’s Purpose? Form 2290 is an application to file Heavy Vehicle Used Tax. This tax is calculated based upon the weight carried by a truck on a public highway. It is believed that these heavy vehicles cause most of the damage to the public highway and the fund collected through the form[...]

Silvia Chavez • WIT July Member of the Month

Silvia Chavez • WIT July Member of the Month Plover, WI (July 1)—Women In Trucking Association has announced Silvia Chavez as its July Member of the Month. Silvia is described as being a powerhouse of a woman. She is an Army National Guard veteran, having served six years as a medic. When her husband on active-duty had to relocate for work, the two picked up and moved from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Fort Knox, KY. “I’d constantly run across advertisements for CDL drivers,” said Silvia. “So I figured, why not? I got my license and training, and before I knew it, I was an over-the-road driver.”[...]

Full Service Option For

Form 2290 is the application to file and report HVUT (heavy vehicle used tax) for vehicles weight more than 55,000 pounds or more. The tax season usually falls by July 1 st to August 31 st of each year, and if you fail to file by the due date, you will have to file your tax return with penalties. Also, if the due date falls by the weekend, the next business day is treated as the due date. However, today, at ThinkTrade we are discussing about Full Service Option applicable for the products. This is an initiative raised by ThinkTrade itself, in order to serve the truckers, owner operators and[...]

Synchronize Your Job Hunt Via Bigwheeljobs

Trucking is the only profession across the globe, which doesn’t hold any age limit. From college grads to a retire officer can choose trucking as their full time or part time profession to survive in the expensive world. However, at ThinkTrade, we do not encourage senior citizens to choose the seat behind the wheels, as it may not dwell so good due to various health and age restrictions. However, one must remember before choosing trucking as the profession, that it is a blend of flexibility, availability, and the passion to do a thing for the nation. There would be nights, without sleep, and[...]