Promoting all women in the trucking industry

The Women In Trucking Association represents all women employed in the trucking industry. We represent the women who design the trucks, build the trucks, buy the trucks, fix the trucks and drive the trucks. If you are one of the five percent of female drivers or one of the fourteen percent of female managers in the trucking industry, we are here for you. The overall purpose of the organization is to increase the percentage of women working in the trucking industry to utilize unrealized potential. As former US DOT Secretary ray LaHood said, “After all – regardless of gender – everyone uses our[...]

Types Of Vehicles Filed Under Form 2290

Welcome to our blog, filers. Today, at ThinkTrade Inc, we are going to talk about different kind of vehicles can be filed through form 2290. Obviously, taxable vehicle are one among them. Let’s get into the depth of the subject to understand the vehicles and the criterion’s for filing tax. Taxable Vehicles: Taxable vehicles are vehicles that weight more than 55,000 pounds and are used on the public highway for transportation. It is strongly believed that, due to the heavy weight of these vehicles, they cause most of the damage on the public highway. The tax paid through the form is directly[...]

30th April Stands As The Due Date For IFTA, Excise And HVUT filers

April is the month of due dates and there are not many due dates you need to remember. However, there are different forms you have to remember. One of the important form is for excise tax filers to get their excise tax filed through form 720. This quarterly filed federal excise tax is filed by the end of each quarter to avoid penalties and interest. The first quarter of the year, 30 th April is not too far from our calendar and that reminds us that you have to file your tax return by the due date. Excise tax is applicable for business or providing sales of goods and services of any of the[...]

Are You Following Us On Social Media? If No, Read Through:

For most of us here, social media has become a very important routine of our lives. It has taken our live for a toll, which was totally unexpected. Internet became a mainstream in the year 1998 and since then, our world is changed online. We follow people; we share our word of wisdom and secretly feel happy about the list of followers, viewers and comment we receive. We wake up with these worlds and end our day with them. They are more like a breathing tool for us and thus, they hold the nerve of our lives. Everything that happens in the world are updated on the social media and following[...]

From driver to leader….

When we recently announced the 2015 Women In Trucking Influential Woman of the Year; there were many comments on social media about the absence of professional drivers from the list. First, it must be noted that Stephanie Klang, a driver for Con-way Truckload and a former America’s Road Team Captain, was a finalist for the 2014 Influential Woman in Trucking award. Stephanie is a role model and has attained national respect for her skills and professionalism. I would suspect that she could find a position inside the walls of the terminal if she wished, but she prefers to remain behind the[...]

File Form 2290 Amendment Return Online With Ease

How about we give you an option to amend your form 2290 any time during the tax period? Yes, we at ThinkTrade provide you with the provision to amend your filed return online without any hassle of rushing to the IRS office. However, there are reasons for which, you can file form 2290 Amendment return: • Increase In Taxable Gross Weight • Suspended vehicle Exceeded Mileage • VIN Correction Increase in Taxable Gross Weight: Form 2290 is filed based on the weight of the truck inclusive of the load carried. However, if any time during the taxation period facing any increase in the weight based[...]

Employee Identification Number- The Requirement

While you are filing form 2290 ThinkTrade product , there are few documents you need to keep handy, as they are mandatory while you file tax online. EIN is the most important number required and should be kept safely, for recognition. The combination of EIN and the name of the taxpayer is blended together for a unique identity. It is important to provide the right Employee Identification Number whenever you are filing form 2290 online. If at all the EIN does not match the IRS records, your return would be rejected. And if you have misplaced your EIN, you can reach IRS @ 1-866-699-[...]

Do You Know What Happens When You File HVUT Late?

When we count on the exceptions, there are handful of them, however, heavy vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, using the public highway are mandatory to file and pay tax as per the federal regulations. Today, at our blog, we are going to talk about the scenarios you would face if you don’t file form 2290 for your taxable highway vehicle. What If I Don’t File Form 2290: As per the books of the IRS, if you are filing your taxes late, you are liable to pay penalties. False filing or fraudulent return will be penalized. Other than penalties, there will be interest charges[...]

Features Applicable While You Efile At

So filer, how are you doing? Last week, we were discussing the feature list that is applicable before efiling form 2290. However, today, we are going to talk about the features you can enjoy while you report HVUT through . A Word With The Tax Experts: Our support team is truly one-of-a-kind. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Tax Experts prove their real need by offering the support through phone, email, and chat right when you need it most. Most impressively, they do it all with a smile. E-file From Anywhere, Anytime: We all are app crazy people. Our Smartphone is dumped with[...]

Features Applicable Before You Efile At

Being in the industry since a decade and more, we know how to treat our efilers right, and we’ve got thousands of happy, returning users each year to confirm. We are not only designed, (a product of ThinkTrade) to showcase how fab our developers are or attract audience for the user-friendliness. We own much more bigger than that. That’s why we call in people to efile and experience anew in minutes. We don’t need time machine to run our show through technology or Stephen Hawking’s brain to deal with techniques. It is all about our technical know-how and added passion for making[...]