IRS Scheduled MEF Maintenance Starts Today. Efile Your First Time Used Vehicles.

Attention Tax filers, we have an update for you Each year, by the end, IRS typically shuts down the MEF (Modernized E-file system) for maintenance. MEF is the online system through, which submits our IRS tax form return. We just got the information that, today, Friday, 26 th December 2014 at 1:30 pm the IRS MEF will be blacked out for maintenance and is scheduled to reopen anytime in January 2015. If you are wondering, how does this affect you and us? We will tell you. This shutdown is a routine, and each year, IRS closes down for the maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean, you[...]

Form 720 Excise Tax- Air Transportation Taxes

So filers, we are going to talk about the Air transportation tax that is included in Excise Tax (part-I). The tax included in the list is percentage tax and domestic segment tax. To get the total tax on transportation of people by air, you need to add the percentage and domestic segment tax. However, do note, the percentage and the domestic segment tax do not apply on the flight if the surtax on the fuel used in a fractional ownership program aircraft is imposed. Who Should File Air Transportation Tax? The person receiving the payment for air transportation services is required to file the[...]

Stay Reliant On Full Service Option At

So filers, how is trucking treating you? With a new month dropping into our calendars, it is important to note, December end would be the due date for filing for the new vehicles. Ensure you file your prorated tax by the due date or you will be liable to pay penalties for the same. When you choose not to efile, there are many reasons behind. However, the two major reasons are, you are not too sure of your computer skills or you don’t really have to time to sit and take out time for efiling. Well, thank to the new generation technologies that can leave you feel completed by sitting on your own[...]

Your Previous Form 2290 Return Was Rejected? Here Is The Reason Why

Trucking is one such profession that survives on very few predictions. From climate to the delivery time, the show runs on assumptions and hope. There are time when you have to spend time in your rig for weeks and days together. However, in such times, if taxation period slips into our calendar, you don’t have to worry. is one such service provider that serves you round the clock with your specific requirements. However, today, we are going to talk about the reasons why IRS rejects your filed return: Following are the reasons for facing rejection of form 2290 by IRS. • Mismatch[...]

Different Kind Of Vehicles Filed On Form 2290

So truckers, how are you doing today? Did you know you could file various types of vehicles through form 2290? Well, that is the topic of our blog today. We are going to tell you how exactly you can make use of the form to file other types of vehicles other than taxable vehicles. However, to start with, we will talk about taxable vehicles. Taxable Vehicles: Vehicles that weigh more than 55,000 pounds and used on public highways for over 5000 miles are counted as taxable vehicles. With the weight they carry, it is believed that these vehicles tend to cause most of the damage to the highway.[...]

Moving Toward the Mission

The Women In Trucking Association’s primary purpose is to increase the percentage of women in the trucking industry. In an effort to provide exposure to young girls who might not have considered a career in trucking, we initiated a Transportation Patch for the Girl Scouts of America. In partnership with the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, the curriculum was designed to provide the girls with insight into the trucking industry. The event was planned for October 13 th , which was Columbus Day and there was no school scheduled. Olive-Harvey College in the southeast Chicago[...]

31st October 2014 is the Last Date To File Form 2290, Q3 IFTA and Form 720

October is the month of due dates, and with that, we would like to remind Tax Excise filers to get their excise tax filed through form 720. The Quarterly Federal Excise Tax is filed by the end of each quarter to avoid penalties and interest for late payment. However, for the 3 rd quarter, the due date is 31 st of October 2014. If you have not filed yet, feel free to drop by and pay your dues online in seconds. You will receive your acknowledged receipt in seconds. This tax is applicable for business or providing sales of goods and services of any of the listed products in form[...]

Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return is due by 31st October 2014

C’mon excise filers, gear up for the third quarter Excise tax Form 720 filing . Before the date reaches our calendar, it is our duty to pay the dues to the IRS and leave behind the penalties. Excise tax is paid by businesses and companies who are directly involved in buying and selling of products. Form 720 is also known as Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return . Also, do note, there are no extensions available for filing form 720 and this means every taxpayer have to file their return on or before the due date in order to avoid penalties. October 31st the due date for third quarter and with[...]

IFTA For The Third Quarter Is Due By October 31st 2014

Being a trucker is not an easy task to deal with. With a long list of obligations, taxes are one among them. However, if you are traveling from one jurisdiction to another during the course of the quarter with IFTA license or permit, you are liable to file and pay IFTA taxes to your base jurisdiction on or before the due date. For the 3 rd quarter, the due date is falling on 31 st of October. So truckers, get ready with the documents and set it for filing. However, we will discuss about IFTA in general. What Is IFTA Is And Who Is Liable To File? International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is for[...]

Form 2290 Amendment Available For Your Perusal

Welcome back truckers hope you are doing well. Today we are going to talk about Amendment form 2290. It is obvious that not every taxpayer would look forward for an amendment; however, it is good to know and understand the procedure. So if this is one topic you need to know, keep reading, we are going to explain the possibilities and requirement for the same. Form 2290 amendment is filed to report corrections on originally filed form 2290 on the following categories: • Increase In Taxable Gross Weight • Suspended vehicle Exceeded Mileage • VIN Correction Increase In Taxable Gross Weight: Form[...]