Efiling Extended Weekend Support By Tax2290 Tax Experts

So truckers, tell us what makes you stick on to your profession even after understanding the hurdles and problems coming your way? And did you know, this dedication and attitude holds on as our inspiration to run the show even more effectively? Well, that stands as the main reason for our success. Filers across the nation come over and file their HVUT taxes with Reasons are many, which one would you like to hear. Coming back the point, filing taxes is any day a difficult task for taxpayers who are behind the wheels or owner operators who are comfortable behind the papers. And for[...]

An Update On The Due Dates For Excise Tax, Form 2290 And IFTA

Trucking is such a profession, where nothing can be greater than the dedication. If you are not strong in these areas, you will not be able to sustain for more time. However, these factors would eventually come to you if you stand strong with the will power to stick around trucking. Of course, you will face possible hardship, however, at the end of the day you win the battle. Hardship does not end with trucking itself; taxes are included in the list. Today, we are here for a purpose. We would like to remind excise tax users to file form 720, the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return online with[...]

IFTA Q2 Preparation With

So truckers, welcome back. Hope you are doing good and pink of health. We know the hard work you are indulged in and we duly respect you for what you are doing to keep the nation going. However, today we are here to remind the IFTA filers to prepare and file their return for IFTA second quarter and avoid penalties. What Is IFTA? IFTA is also known as the International Fuel Tax Agreement is active between 48 contiguous states and 10 Canadian Provinces, where the member jurisdictions act cooperatively to administer and collect motor fuel use taxes. The idea of IFTA was to establish and maintain[...]

Types Of Vehicles Filed Through Form 2290

A warm welcome truckers, trust you are pink of health. The tax season has already dropped into our calendars. With only one month and handful days in hand, it is the best to file much before the due date. For obvious reasons. And of course, you will have your schedule 1 copy within minutes. So today, our topic of discussion is about various types of vehicle for, which the taxes are filed through IRS form 2290. Taxable vehicles are one among them. The list is not long yet, it will allow you to understand your vehicle better and so the filing of taxes. So to start with, taxable vehicles are in[...]

What does a professional driver love about his or her job?

What attracts someone to the trucking industry? Is it the freedom of being on the road or is it the above average pay? Maybe it’s just a last resort for many who are unable to find or keep a job elsewhere. The Women In Trucking Association, along with University of Wisconsin-Stout graduate students wanted to know the answer to this question. So, four students in Dr. Jeanette Kersten’s Organizational Development Class conducted research to find out what brings men and women into the trucking industry, as well as what keeps them here. The students, Emily Kaliska, Mai Thao, Ashley Noel and[...]

Features Offered By Tax2290.Com- Part I

The tax season for the year 2014-15 has dropped by and 14 days passed by. Back to back, offers allowed truckers and owner operators to stick to filing form 2290 at a discounted rate. However, the trend of offers are over yesterday and if you have missed the offer, you still can file form 2290 on, the most trusted and authentic service provider serving since decades. We know there are many service providers out there, and you can simply opt for the one you like, however, serves you right. We serve with a golden spoon, with additional features to enjoy. We are certified[...]

What Happens When You Are Filing Form 2290 At The Last Minute?

A very warm welcome, truckers. Today, we decided to talk about the scenarios we would come across during the tax season. The very first scenario for the blog is, filing taxes at the last minute. Well, yes, most of us have the tendency to delay filing taxes. Thanks to our tight schedule. However, we never encourage our customers to file and pay their form 2290 at the last minute, as it is not such a clever idea to do so. We are truckers, we trade time, and we trade goods. And apparently, we really have no time to wait at IRS office to submit form 2290 in order to receive schedule 1 copy, says[...]

Pay Your Respect To The Nation By Filing HVUT @ Tax2290. com

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” Louis D. Brandeis. This saying speaks about the freedom we are enjoying for 237 years. Last time, we provided you many reasons to Celebrate 237 Years Of Freedom With Tax2290.Com. If you were busy behind the wheels on 4 th of July, you can still relish 10% discount on efiling service fee for the taxation year 2014-15 by applying the coupon code “FREEDOM14”. This offer is valid till 13 th July 2014. So gear up with your documents, come over and simply file your return. We[...]

File HVUT Tax Return On July 4th And Celebrate 237 Years Of Freedom

With the end of pre filing season, the brand new tax season has dropped into our calendars. If you have not pre filed your return or missed a VIN while pre filing form 2290 for the year 2014-15, this is the right chance to relish another discount on your efiling service fee by applying the coupon code “FREEDOM14” only at . This offer is applicable from tomorrow, i.e. 4 th of July till 13 th of July. Vehicles that carry more than 55,000 pounds and drive on the public highway fall under the category of filing form 2290. It is believed that heavy vehicle used tax collected are[...]

Pre File Form 2290 With Discounts And Benefits only @

Before the invention of technology, tax season was always hectic for taxpayers as they have to pay and file their taxes through paper and accuracy was one thing that kept everyone bothered. However, with online gateways adding ease to filing, each year, millions of truckers opt for pre filing form 2290. Additionally, they can stay benefited with the dash of discount. Isn’t this call for pre filing in the last hours of occurrence? OK, so if you are a trucker and you are likely to carry 55,000 pounds or more during the taxation period, you are likely to file taxes through form 2290 before the[...]