1. How much does it cost me to use this service?

    Big wheel jobs and its services are free to use. We provide you free account for managing your profiles and job applications.

  2. How do I Sign up/Register for Big wheel jobs?

    You can either sign up by filling up the required fields in the home page or you can select Login and then select “Create New Account”. Once you have completed the registration steps, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Follow the link received in the e-mail to activate your account.

  3. Where do I provide my driving information?

    We will collect your driving information during registration process and you are required to provide accurate information to find jobs matching your needs.

  4. How can I edit/update my profile info?

    Once logged in you can edit your personal info by selecting “Profile Settings” from the menu. You can also edit your driving info by selecting it.

  5. Where do I search for jobs matching my profile?

    Jobs matching your profile will be listed in your home page; you can view those jobs and apply for it or else you can search for jobs manually using the “Search jobs”

  6. How will I know the status of my application?

    You will be notified about your application status through e-mail.

  7. How will recruiters contact me?

    Recruiters will contact you directly either through your e-mail id or they will call you to your contact number which you have provided in our application

  8. How do I know about new jobs posted?

    You can subscribe to our e-mail alerts and receive matching jobs in your inbox.

  9. How secured is my information?

    We consider your privacy as a great concern and we assure that your personal information is safe and secured. The only people who can access your information are the related companies to which you have applied.


  1. Is sign up process required for recruiters?

    Yes, recruiters are required to sign up to use the services. During sign up select the role as “Recruiter” from the drop down menu and continue with the registration process for activating your account

  2. Is there any cost for posting a job in Big Wheel Jobs?

    No. It is free of cost. You can post any number of jobs for free.

  3. How do I post a job?

    You can post a job by simply selecting “Post Job” from the menu. Fill in the required fields, provide a description for your job and get in posted.

  4. How do I know if someone had applied for my job?

    You will get an e-mail alert mentioning that someone has applied for the job, along with the Job details and Job ID. You can later login to view the received application for your requirement

  5. Where do I find the received Driver applications?

    You will find the most recently received driver applications in the Dashboard and all the received applications in “Driver Applications” menu. You can view or delete any applications received.