2290 Tax, Electronic Filing saves you Time & Money! see how?

The electronic filing for your Federal Vehicle Use Tax or Federal Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax reported and paid in full using IRS Tax Form 2290 is available to help you claim your IRS stamped/watermarked Schedule-1 receipt in just minutes. E-file has its own advantage as it could get your returns processed faster than any mode and to collect your IRS acknowledgement as accepted and paid i,e. the Schedule-1 receipt in minutes. Not only that there are a list of benefits you can enjoy while you choose to file it online (efile).

1. E-file is Easy, you could prepare your 2290 tax returns on your own. We call it as Self Services, you just need to answer few interview questions to complete your 2290 return. The questions like what is your VIN#?, what is your vehicle gross weight?, what is the purpose of your vehicle use?. Simple right!

2. E-file is Quick, it won't take much of your time to complete your tax return. It is as simple as 1-2-3!. Just add your business details such us you business name, EIN#, mailing address, owner name and phone numbers. Add your Vehicle data like VIN#, gross weight, purpose and first used month etc. Choose how to file your 2290 truck tax return i.e. e-file return or paper return. Pay the minimal service fee to transmit your return online to the IRS for processing.

3. E-file is Fast, when you file your 2290 tax return electronically your return is processed immediately with out any delay and a stamped Schedule-1 receipt is made available once IRS completes processing your return. No more waiting for schedule -1 proof by mail, it is delivered to your inbox right-away and you could print it. We made it much more simpler, you just need to subscribe for our FAX copies so then we will send you the schedule-1 issued by the IRS by FAX.

4. E-file is Safe, you no need to compromise on your security of your tax or vechicle data. Our website uses thawte secured socket layers to protect your data from losses and could not be stolen as we also protect it with McAfee Hacker Proof seal. You can download copies anytime from anywhere. Record Keeping is simple, easy and safe.

5. E-file is Accurate, when you prepare your tax return online the math is done automatically. It would prompt for all required data and no worries of keeping your return incomplete. Our website double checks all your data before it is been shared with the IRS for processing. 100% accurate tax filing is achieved with http://Tax2290.com.

6. E-file saves you time, as it is fast and secure you can complete the entire process in just minutes with help around. Does not required to have complete 2290 tax knowledge as this make it easier to complete your returns in minutes we can also walk you through the screens step-by-step. Auto import your tax data from previous year returns when you have a same fleet and report for it.

7. E-file is affordable, as you can prepare your 2290 tax returns on your own no pocket emptying, with free help from our tax experts you no need to pay extra other than the nominal efile service fee. It is a nominal and affordable as it starts at $29.99.

8. E-file is possible from anywhere anytime, you can start a return and half way through ans want to leave in-between, come back and start from where you left. You information is stored and preserved to make it much easier for you to complete your returns on time. No need to start all fresh again. Prepare your 2290s from your Android and iOS devices through our Tax2290 Mobile Apps.

9. E-file is reliable, with accurate tax filing it is more reliable and you could use our user friendly features to complete it right every time. Quick Help at the screens will help you through the filing process. Zero down all possible human errors.

10. Help available if you need it, with accurate tax filing it is more reliable and when you have a question, call and talk to our super tax experts get all your questions answered.

IRS is processing Schedule-1 copies for tax year 2016-17 returns which means, you will receive your Schedule-1 copy in your e-mail within minutes. Don’t wait till the last minute, these opportunities would not come to you every day. Call and reach our friendly Tax Experts anytime you want to get your queries in place @ 1-866-245-3918. You may also write to us @ support@taxexcise.com to get your queries fixed. Let it be simple or complicated doubts, we are here to get it solved.