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Form 2290 and August 31 Due Date

The Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 and Schedule-1 is now due and need to be reported and paid in full with the IRS well before August 31. Delaying further may lead to penalties and late fee charges. Just left with couple of weeks and you need to show the IRS stamped/Watermarked Schedule-1 proof to register / renew your heavy vehicle with the state and federal authorities.

Avail 10% flat off

Now e-file your 2290 truck tax return online at and avail 10% flat off on your e-file fee by applying the code "HURRYUP" valid till Aug 21. However the 2290 is due this August 31 and file it earlier to receive your 2290 Schedule-1 proof instantly.

Bonus Points, Full Service And Quick Alerts:

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Getting Ready with 2290 e-file:

To start with your 2290 truck tax e-file you need to have gathered couple of important information about your business and vehicle and they are…

Employer Identification Number. You cannot use your social security number. Don’t have an EIN? Apply & allow two weeks for your new EIN to be established in IRS systems before filing.
Vehicle Identification Number of each vehicle.
Taxable gross weight of each vehicle and type of use
If opting for EFW (DIRECT DEBIT), then your bank account number, bank and routing number. Otherwise use EFTPS or Check Option.

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