10 killed as truck, bus carrying students collide

ORLAND, Calif.  — The long bus ride north from Los Angeles for a group of high school students who planned to visit Humboldt State University had been fun: The hours whizzed by as they watched movies, chatted up new friends, and jammed to hip-hop on the radio.

Steven Clavijo, 18, a senior at West Ranch High in Santa Clarita, was looking forward to his visit to Humboldt, where he planned to enroll. Just as Clavijo was trying to catch a nap Thursday afternoon, he said he felt the big vehicle begin to shake from left to right and then he heard a loud boom.

Hours of service waivers for propane haulers rescinded in most exempted states

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has cancelled the congressionally implemented hours of service waivers for propane haulers and home heating fuel haulers in 31 of the 36 states where exemptions were granted. The waiver expirations are effective immediately, FMCSA says. 

In a Federal Register notice published April 10, the agency said the only six states where the waivers remain are: Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

All others have been rescinded. 

Semi truck expert Ron Hawkins, Jr. shares tips for driving on the highways

Ron Hawkins, Jr., wants to save your life, especially if you’re sharing the road with a semi truck.

Say you’re driving and you need to get around the tractor-trailer in front of you. You decide to use the right lane to pass the semi.

Bad idea, Mr. Hawkins says. Why? Because, the truck driver cannot see you.

“Never pass a truck on the right side because my blind spot is four or five lanes wide,” on that side of the truck, he said. “If you cannot see the driver’s face in the mirror, he cannot see you at all.”

Alert Truck Driver Rescues Barefoot Boy in Snowstorm

An alert truck driver is being credited with coming to the aid of a young boy he found wandering across a snowy road.

Early Friday morning, truck driver Timothy Owens was on his way to deliver medical supplies to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. It was was dark and snowy– temperatures were in the 20s.

Owens told KSTP that as he was approaching the intersection of Chicago and 24th, he noticed a movement in the darkness. As he got closer to the intersection, Owens saw a 4-year-old child run into the street. The young boy flagged Owens down.

N.D. driver rescues elderly man after icy wreck

James Mozey of Niagra, N.D., has been named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association after he rescued an elderly man who was pinned in his pickup truck after a crash. 

Mozey drivers part-time for Britton Transport and works as a firefighter and EMT at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. On Jan. 9, he came across a crash on I-29 — a pickup truck that had spun into a ditch and flipped onto its passenger side and was then lying in the northbound lane with the driver pinned in. 

Shaquille O’Neal to teach Georgia teens about dangers of distracted driving

LITHONIA, Ga. — DeKalb County District Attorney's officials say retired NBA star Shaquille O'Neal is slated to help teach teens about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving.

District Attorney's spokesman Erik Burton says Shaq is scheduled to join representatives from his office, the county's fire and rescue department and the Georgia Department of Highway Safety Thursday morning for an educational program at Arabia Mountain High School in Lithonia.

Goose Goes Through Windshield, Driver OK

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- The Colorado State Patrol says the driver of a pickup truck is okay after a goose went through the windshield.

It happened Wednesday morning on Interstate 76 at Highway 95 in Adams County.

No one in the ’99 Ford pickup was injured but the goose did not make it.

State Trooper Josh Lewis did not provide specific details of what happened before the goose crashed through the windshield.


Average Age of Drivers Increasing, Tenure Decreasing

According to a press release from Sylectus, a Omnitracs Canada Inc. company and transportation management company, an eight-year study reveals that the average age and tenure of the driver workforce has changed significantly.

Sylectus states that the average driver age and tenure increased for both male and female drivers: the average age for male drivers is 48 years old and the average age for female drivers is 51.

In addition, the study found that on average, fleets experience a fleet-wide turnover every 18 to 24 months!

Woman Dead In Crash On Dan Ryan

A 25-year-old woman was killed when her car hit a tow truck, then crashed into a wall dividing the Dan Ryan Expressway from the CTA Red Line near 87th Street early Monday morning.

Illinois State Police said the woman was driving south at a high rate of speed in the center lane of the Dan Ryan, when she lost control of her Chevy Impala, around 6 a.m. and hit a Kenworth heavy duty tow truck in the lane to her right. The impact sent her Chevy rolling over to the left, and it struck the concrete median separating the expressway from the CTA Red Line tracks.

Truck Driver Unknowingly Accepts Load of Illegal Drugs

According to CBS Dallas Fort Worth, on Sunday, two Dallas men were arrested by federal agents after they accepted a load of 550 pounds of Xanax.

The men, Brandon Lynell Gardner and William Ian Brown, now face federal charges of possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance.