Alert: Fraudulent DOT Letter Circulating

The Florida Trucking Association published an alarming news on the fraudulent DOT letter circulating across America targeting procurement contractors and asking them to share their financial information such as EIN, Bank Phone, Branch Number, Account Number, etc. You can find the letter copy here. Please refer it and prevent yourself by responding to any such letters.

Fuel Tax to Rise by 15 Cents for Funding Highways

In an effort to bring a stable funding source for Highway Trust, a new bill dubbed as UPDATE act has been introduced into the House. The proposed tax hike will be phased in the next year.


ATA- 2014 Agenda has Some Important Key Items

ATA’s new Chairman Phil Byrd at the CCJ Fall Symposium on Tuesday said that undoing this year’s HOS rule changes, working on an e-log mandate, fixing the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and steps to improve driver respect are some of the major key areas the ATA wants to focus on 2014.


Payrolls and Employment Increased by Most in a Year- Reports

According to a private report released, U.S Companies has increased the payrolls by the most in a year in November. Also the employment rate increased by 215,000 which was larger than the initial estimate, according to ADP Employment Services.


Arkansas Best to Improve Overall Service by Cutting 30 Terminals:

In an effort to improve overall service, Arkansas Best Corp.’s ABF freight unit has announced plans to cut 30 of it 277 service centers.

Read full story here.

Drivers report pay drop due to Hours of Service rules

More than 50% of drivers reported their pay has dropped by at least 5% after the July Hours of Service change. Based upon 2,370 driver respondents, a study was made by American Transport Research Institute (ATRI) and more than two-thirds of the respondents said they saw a pay drop.

Transportation Stock Hits High Records

The S&P index of 10 trucking companies climbed up to 285.76 in intra-day trading and the Dow Jones transportation index was as high as 7,245.01.


New Section of HWY 11 allows LCVs in Saskatchewan

The twinning of HWY 11 in Saskatchewan has bought good news for shippers and truckers as Long Combination Vehicle traffic is now allowed. Section between Rosthern and Prince Albert has been twinned.


Celadon closes a new deal by acquiring Canadian Carrier Yanke

Yanke Transfer Ltd. based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has been acquired by Celadon Group. The news was disclosed by Celadon and also reported that Yanke generated a revenue of 90 million in 2012. Terms were not disclosed